Can't get it to work!!

OK Ive gone through the configurator step-by-step and uploaded all the necessary files. The files are all in the same folder as the various clientraw files and yet it will not work I keep getting the error messsage

“Error Loading Data. Check your clientraw data files are etc etc”

All the files are in the same folder on my web server. It won’t work. Have I missed something??

I haven’t added any instruments on the instrument tab as I assumed there would be a default arrangement. Am I wrong in this assumption and could this be the problem?


If you will provide us with the URL for your WDL Page on your web server we would be able to take a look and possibly see what the problem is.


OK url is

I’m using WD 10.37R build20

Hi again,

I am not sure if this is the problem however your WDL page calls your WDL Config from

However your config file uses as the web site and for your Clientraw files.

If your WDL license was issued for then make sure all references to the domain include www.

If your license was issued for then remove the www from your WDL file
var pathToWdlconfig = “”;

In other words first make sure all references to your domain name either contain www or do not use www, don’t mix the two.

Once that is updated let us know for another look.


OK I now have a page which displays the wx stn name etc but no dials. I had assumed that this would be like WD in that it would come ready to go with a default layout but I take it I have to specify which dials and where in the “instruments” tab?

Or you can use one of the supplied tempates. Look in the WDL program installs folder / templates where there are a selection.

If you want to keep all the settings that you’ve entered into the Configurator then you can save them via File - Export Settings.

Then open your template and select File - Import Settings. All your serial number and other info wil be applied to the template.


Woohoo success! Thanks guys much appreciated. :smiley:

Good Deal :slight_smile: