Can't get it to upgrade

brian i went and downloaded the newer version and it get all sorts of errors one stating that the wdisplay.exe is not found and al few .dll files- i renamed it like you suggested and backed up my other files and it still doesn’t want to install-

Hi Mumsy,

Is this version of WD on your original computer or on a different computer? Do you have more than one copy of WD on the computer that won’t update?

i deleted the new copy and re-installed it and now it’s work

hi mummsy

i see you have made a bit of a mistake with the custom web pages

should be

i.e wx2.html is created and uploaded to your web site from the fole wxlocal2.html, (and wxlocal2.html needs to be in the webfiles folder, or where you have desginated the webfiles folder to be)
and you will need the custom web page switch ticked ON i the ftp setup, or if you are using the customise internet file creation and upload, you will need to set the times to create and upload the wx.html (from the file wxlocal.html) etc

hope that helps!

so you are getting data now?
at least this is working:

email me your ftplogfull.txt file after a web upload
(and have ftp logging ticked under connections setup)

i’ll fix it soon- i promise-:wink: right now i can’t til next weekend- this weekend i’m pulling 16 hr shifts for a couple days and i’m too tired to bring the laptop at work and attempt to do it with screwing it all up again :roll:

heck, 16 hour shifts
you must be a super women!
we will get you there in the end mumsy