Can't find a couple of tags

I’m can’t find the tag for Dailly High Average Wind Speed Direction or for Daily High Wind Gust Direction.

Anybody know what they are?

Also, I’m currently using the forcast from my VP on my scrolling marquee but it produces it in all caps, is there a way to change this maybe even just use a different forecast?

Check out my page if you’re not sure what I mean.

i thought it was just included in the tags that display what the average and max wind speed is :?

Some tags include the units that it is measured in but I need the direction.

Anyone know where I can find the tags I mentioned earlier?

will these do the trick?

%maxgstdirectionletter%…Max Gust direction, i.e. W
%maxavgdirectionletter%…Max Averge direction, i.e. W

Speaking of tags…

Anyone know what is required to get %heatcolourword% to work…

I am running WD 10.20o
La Crosse WS-2310

I have tried everything I can think of, and searched these forums for the last 2 days and the only relevant post I could find was…

Where it was indicated by Brian to have been added in 10.13z


have you set WD up to produce the conditionscolour.jpg - presumably then the %heatcolourword% tag will work?

setup > control panel > web files/page setup> a box to tick down in the “gizmo” section

Yes, that has been updating routinely for almost a week now…


ok - I haven’t tried the tag myself - in what way does it not work - doesn’t display anything at all?

update - I am at work but have a version of WD here - tried the %heatcolourword% in a custom page and it displayed “cool” to match the cool conditionscolour.jpg so it seems to work here.

Hi again,

Appreciate the time…

It displays the following… “—”

You can see it here:

Left column “Currently —”

The code is:

      <td>Heat Index:


yes I see what you mean.

have you tried the tag all on its own in a test page?

I tried the snippet of HTML you supplied and the tag worked for me again.

Maybe it is something in your WD’s settings?

Possibly one for Brian after Christmas as it has me stumped!

Hi again,

Yeah I tried it in a number of formats and pages and all with the same results which leads me to believe I don’t have something enabled properly in WD…

Thanks for looking and will worry about it again in a few days :slight_smile:

Happy Holidays,

Finally figured out what I had been doing wrong…

I did not have gizmo.gif (and conditionscolour.jpg) set to update automatically under Setup/Control Panel/Customise internet file creation and upload.

Within a couple of minutes of setting that for automatic updates and upload the current condition was displayed “Cool”.

Maybe this will help someone else…

Thanks Martyn for your assistance.


good work in getting that sorted :slight_smile: