Cant Download

Hi I cannot download the latest version on the downloads page. It says Error 404.

Me too, now the whole site is down as well :frowning:

Here’s Brians reply:

changing to a new secure server ( to avoid any more trojan worm attacks)

it should be back up soon


Up now…


hi all,

I got this

Weather Display 9.54
for Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / XP & NT
Version on 7. February 2003 - 05:36:01 hr
Warning: Wrong parameter count for round() in /homepages/22/d75034112/htdocs/weather-display/english/download.php3 on line 141

and what is that weird popup page that says anything (?) about non virusses on the website ?? click on it and a v-scanner is offered I’ve never heard of…how do we call this ? merchandising ?

Download site is still dead also… :frowning:

The solution to that “virus” scanner is PopUpKiller.


do have a popupkiller
disabled that
any page who pops ups has killed
even the ones that shows up a little
to fast (cable here; can be very fast)

but I don’t understand such a pop up for virus check ? !
whit a program like Intercheck AV I have here (or a good other one)
it’s not necessary to have that

back to topic : can’t download, how’s that at the moment ?

It is obviously a revenue generator. Whatever…

Try this direct link to DL


Yep that works, thanks.

florian had to reset all the scripts and php stuff on the new secure server
he is a firefighter, and was on standby duty, and got it all going as fast as he could

should be good now

i was on the tractor for 5 hour today shifting hay bales (big round ones) into the hay barn…
not been much time for WD last few days!

ha, doing what your family expect you should do !?
Mum is proud on you now! LOL…

…all that computer stuff :roll: