Can you Turn Off the Datalogging Read at WD Startup? [RESOLVED]

I everyone?

When WD starts it reads the Data loagger when running a VP2 Weather station, Can this functionality be turned off?

I’m beta testing a VP2 Serial link without memory and I believe this is causing WD to stop reading the data stream.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

you should be able to abort the data logger window
then go to control panel, data logger setup
and turn the switch off there

or change the setting direct in the wdisplay.ini file
[Extract the vp data at startup]

change that to no
and save that settings file
(when WD is not running)

Thanks Brian! That did the trick!

Note Weather display worked great with the prototype VP2 serial board when direct connected.
It was when it read the data from VirtualVP that it stopped reading from time to time.

Thanks for the Quick reply and thanks for your support and WD!