Can weather display be a client of wx200d (linux)?

That is my question:
Can weather display to be a client of wx200d?
wx200d has a tcp port where you can extract weather data.



well, i already have TCP client/server working over a LAN, where a data string is sent

so, i cant see why not
i just need the format of the data string,…

Hello :slight_smile:
The format in the TCP port of wx200d is the same as wm-918(no wireless) send for the serial port.
Here you have wx200d home page:

I you would need some help, please tell me it.

oh, i know the format
is it outputed as binary, decimal, ascii,etc…?
i guess the only way is to try and log what is recieved

I have sent you an email with information about where you can conect to test ax25d tcp port.

Thank’s :slight_smile:

how is this coming along?

i did test this, but i could not get any data received …:frowning:
something was just not jelling