Can WD simultaneously connect to multiple Vantage Pro loggers on the same PC?

Hi all,

Newbie Mike here. I haven’t bought WD yet – I’m trying to figure out if it will solve a puzzle for me. I have two Vantage Pro loggers (one way up on the ridge, the other down in the valley) that I’d like to talk to from the same PC. I have both USB and IP loggers so I have a little flexibility in how to talk to the loggers. Davis WeatherLink doesn’t seem to grok the idea that a fella would want to constantly monitor two loggers at the same time from the same PC. Can WD do that? Or can WD be set up on a schedule to periodically check one logger and then another? That would work too. I just need to pull data from both loggers from which to build a side-by-side web page.

I know, I could put the two web pages that WeatherLinkIP builds out on the Davis site into frames on a single page. Or scrape the pages. But I’m hunting for a little more robust way to build comparisons.

Thanks in advance.

You would have to run two installs of WD on the PC, each install can only track data from one station. Many websites use php scripting to generate the web pages from datafiles uploaded by WD. A php script to create a page with the data from the two stations is very feasible.

Not sure if you can connect to 2 Vantage Pros but this would be a start.

I had a WeatherHawk and Vantage Pro collecting data simultaneously so I expect you could.

Ah. Two installs would work – very cool. How does Brian handle that 2nd copy of the software from a licensing standpoint? Do you guys buy a second copy from him if you do that? I’ve downloaded the shareware version and the demo-use license is pretty sketchy.

It’s OK to run two installs on one PC as described in that link.