Can WD pick up the Webcam Images from FTP or URL?


I have a webcam installed in my network and would like to create All Day Videos. Is it possible that WD pick up the pictures from a URL? How can I manage this. If I try to put the URL in the settings. It only take one time
the pickture.

Thanks a lot.


yes,if you use the HTTP download (and you might have to set the username and password), then you get wd to download to a fixed (and set) file name at the times you set

to get WD to create the time stamped files needed, use the 3rd party web cam setup, and select that file as the source, and then set a new output name
then in the web cam setup, direct web cam setup, try setting that as the file name,the output name from the 3rd party wen cam setup,so that it can be used as the all day video file source
also you will need to turn on the time stamped file generation too

Hi Brian,

thank you. If I use the HTTP ( download it arrived a file with 1 KB. The second file is called estanyol.jpg1; estanyol.jpg2 etc. But they are all 1 KB big.

Where is my mistake?

Thank you.


note that the numbered files stops at 9 …that is just to have files to create a animated gif

for the small file size, that sounds like a server problem
have you set a username/password in the http setup, i.e does it need that?

We got a two part FAQ for this, start here


you FAQ helped a lot. I used Use this path / directory. When I use the default path everything is perfect…

Now I will try to create All Day Video…


there is another good FAQ on that one too…but you have to hold your mouth just right to get all the ducks to line up correctly, LOL