Can WD be run as multiple instances on a single computer, watching 2 stations?

I have used the directions on putting a second version of WD on a computer, with the new directory having the .txt file of 2wd.txt in the directory containing the new version of WD.

I have used this new version to read a second station on another serial port and the display is faithful to the data read.

Feeling bold, I then decided to try to use this second WD and the different station to upload a second page to my server. As detail I have my first and primary WD running, reading my Texas Wx Instruments 8000 and uploading to my home page (using WD generated graphics and the location of the clientraw data) to

I was hoping to be able to go into the SECOND instance of WD and use that to upload my Peet Bro data to another directory on my server, for example and then use my browser when away from home to read the values that the Peet station is generating.

That doesn’t seem to work. The second Peet Bro instance seems to be reading the setup information from the original (TWI) configured WD and uploading the web page it generates to the original ( location.

So to be clear, is there a way of running two completely independent instances of WD on the same computer, to monitor and generate web pages and upload them independently to a web server?

I seem to almost be there, but somehow a bit of the original installation’s information is read by or transferred over to the second install, and I don’t get both of the web pages uploaded corrrectly.

Is there additonal configuration steps I need to do, or am I just going to have to run two computers (argh power and space wasted) to get the end result I’m hoping for.

PS, Brian, I’m perfectly happy to buy a second license if that is what it takes!


using a 2wd.txt file in a second install location should make that version independent

Thanks, Brian, I will update to the latest version and try again. I appreciate it. Dale

It has always worked OK for me. Just be sure the 2wd.txt is in the 2nd directory before that WD is started for the first time.

Thanks, Niko

It is always reassuring that someone else has used an option and got it to work OK.

I will fiddle later this week when I get back to the computer again.

This group is wonderful for advice and sharing experience.