Can the outdoor sensor and indoor temp readings be swapped?

Does anyone know if there is a way to swap the sensor readings between the outdoor and indoor channels in WD. I have a RS Wireless station (Based on the WM-968) the outdoor temp sensor died about a month ago. I finally got a chance to disect it and it seems that a nest of ants disected it first!

It’s condition was not bad at all physically, I cleaned it up and re-soldered the connections to the transmitter (they nested right there!) but still no output.

OS does not seem to sell the sensor via normal means and told me to call during the week and ask customer service. I don’t get a good feeling from that…

I have placed my indoor sensor out in the porch for the time being since we may need it. Most eyes in FL are out in the Caribian looking at the CAT5 hurricane headed this way. If there is a easy way to switch the indoor to outdoor reading on the display/web page that would be great to know.


there is an opton to use a extraa temp/hum sensor temperature as your main station one, but i would need to add that option you requre…

Thanks… if you ever get the opportunity that would be nice as a quick fix for anyone that may need it.

For now I just finished making a note on my web page to please ignore the graph and the outdoor readings. It will screw up my history but I guess I can live with that, I have come to the conclusion that something or another is always going to go wrong with this station at some point or another during the year.

This one was a Christmas present last year, maybe the wife will get me a Davis for this Christmas!


are you using the linux verison?

Not currently…Can’t make use of it till’ the Images capture correctly. No reason to post to the web pictures of my e-mail or whatever else I have on the screen at that time. As soon as that is cleared up then I’ll switch to it in a flash…

I know you have been busy so I am just patiently waiting on the sidelines.


the problem is there are not many klyix users in the world, and so even less experts
to get expert help form Borland, I have to pay for it…

but you can just use the images that are not affected that way, and use the custom tags to show all other data

Well last time all the important images were overwritten

Display Image
Direction Plot

But it has been about a month since I have tried it last. Maybe I’ll give it another try with the new version sometime this week. Time depends if this Hurricane heads for us or not, we will know by Tuesday, right now winds are at 165 with gusts up to 200 MPH!


hurricane sounds interesting
i have discoverd i had not put back into the linux verison switches for the aprs, wunderground, hamweather and anyhting weather …
done that now for the next verison
is wd ok for you on windows though?
hurricane soudns exciting