Can I work a Five Day Forecast week?

:smiley: The five day forecast, as of Thursday at 8pm, shows today, tonight…through Sunday day forecast.
That’s only four days; the actual text forecast goes through Tuesday.
1/3 of the Sunday Forecast is cut off and Sunday Evening doesn’t appear.
Are there only 6 2/3 slots available?


I had the same problem until I changed my windows screen resolution from 800x600 to 1024x768. After changing it, you then need to re-click the main screen WD weather icon to reset the .gif to the proper size. The draw-back is I had to re-size my browser and other windows(also use full screen on the WD general setup), and I have to wear my glasses more now. :lol:


Yeah, I already have to wear glasses more often now thanks to the computer. (It’s NOT an age thing!) 8O
It would be nice to have a little more control over that in the future. It’s not practical for me to change this machine to higher res since I develop stuff on it and have to stay 800x600.
But it really is a neat feature.
My NWS office has gotten real wordy in the 5day forecasts as well, which doesn’t help either. Maybe we can have the option to cut it down to the first period, which is usually the forecast summary?



I’m having a similar problem up here in coz036.txt just north of you with an over wordy forecaster. The bottom of each day is missing the last line of the forecast. At least by the last line, a reader has a pretty good idea what they are going to say.

It would be nice if the forecast gif were just a little longer.