Campbell Scientific CR-10/Weather Display information please

I am looking for information on the Weather Display and CR10 Campbell Scientific set up. :oops:
I need to know how to set up the CR-10 to:

  1. Make a WXNOW.txt type file that UI-View 32 can use.
  2. interface using Weather Display.

I also need a sample of the output data of the CR10 for a CR-10 to APRS output pic project. :lol:

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Send info to my email address: [email protected]

Thanks! :wink:


I know windy has this station, but it sometimes takes him time to get to the “bottom” of the forum :lol:

weather display does work with that station, but only via a log file that the software that works with that station, the pc208 software
see here:
but i cant tell you much more…but the pc208 software is very configurable, suing a cripts or similar i think