Buy or not ? synoptic errornous (newbie question)

please could anybody give me a tip? i am testing at the moment vers 10.19.
the most important thing of wd for me is the synptic feature because sending it to our weatherinstitute.
but I noticed, that there are since version 10.17 (first time i loaded) errournous synoptc reports.

so there is the big question - buy or not to buy the program???

could anybody say when that thing is running correctly or would it be better using in future an other program instead of wd?

thnk you for the honest answers!

a newbie

Hi Mark,
welcome to the forum.
The program’s author - Brian (windy) is always developing the program and fixing problems as they arise - I am sure that if you mention here what problems you are experiencing he will work through them with you to get the program working as you desire.
Brian’s support is top notch. You may not get the same level of support for other weather programs!

i have been working with a metersologist on the synoptic output
I have nearlly got it perfected, according to him
what is not wrong with it that you can see?

Thanks for that information.

I noticed. that there is at 6 UTC only reported in percepitation 6990. The codes in the synop always are with 5 numbers. So that must be 69902, also at 18 UTC.
Also in percipitation there is at 12 UTC reported 60001 - and that must be 69901 because 60001 does not exist.

Notice: that the mentioned codes are in that kind, if there was no percipitation!

Thanks you!

yes, those are the 2 things i need to fix
I iwll do that for the next version after 10.19o

Hello Brian,
I noticed an other thing not working correct now, when the temperatures are degreasing.

the temperature is reported with a wrong sign before. (it is reported negative instead of a positive one)
obviously it is because of the dewpoint now became negative. when dewpoint was positive the temperature was correct reported.


yes, that is another thing the other person just noticed
i have made adjustments to the rain, but i have set the last number as 1 instead of a 2 for 6utc
i will see about fixing both of these today

actualy, download and unzip a new 10.19r zip version when its ready (will be soon)
it should be OK

the latest zip version should be OK

Ah - thank you for that information!

I’ll load and see whats going on :slight_smile:

I am really surprised about that quick changes in the program :slight_smile:


Don’t be surprised. This is what WD users are used to. It’s a very strong plus point when asking ‘do I buy WD’ :smiley:

Brian is one of the most responsive software authors I’ve ever had the privilege to know.

but then also there is a downside, and people get really mad with me, when i break something that was working.

But you’re very responsive at putting bugs in…and then very responsive at taking them out again #-o

as long as people realise the bumpy ride is making for a better program over all along the way…
just look at how far it has come

Hello, here I am again…

I noticed something wrong in the pressuretrend again :frowning:
pressuretrend was 1.0 hpa and so the right code should be 57010
(if it is e.g. 0.8 hpa the code 57008 is ok)

see please below the wrong code 570010

SN 171400
AAXX 17141
4//// /2706 10081 20033 3//// 40214 570010 6//// 700//
333 5//// 91114
555 10000
666 10087 20077=


ok, i will check that (i will need to check for too many zeros/length)

Did you find the bug yet?

Today there was also reported 500000. So I dont think there is any correlation between pressuretrend <1.0 hpa and >= 1.0 hpa as I thought and reported in a previous mail.
Hope that information helps a bit locating it!


i have had time to have a quick look/fix
please download and use a new 10.19s zip version
thanks :slight_smile:

Today I noticed the following:
it was snowing at the moment the synop was created. the reported code was 722// (that means snowfall in the last hour, but not at the moment of creating the synop).

Correctly it should be 773// (771// light snowfall, 773// snowfall, 775// heavy snowfall).

by the way: the bug with the minimum temperature another user reported same days before here happens also to me

If you find time, could you please check/change that?



Hello, I just recognized another matter working wrong
we have had yesterday (from 6am yesterday - 6 am UTC today) precipitation of about 0.5 mm
but in group 333 there was reported 70000.

correctly it would be 70005, because of it is the prec of the last 24 hours!

it seems there is in group 333 reported only the last 12 hours :?

Sorry for saying that but I am getting more and more confused :frowning:

Could you please also check and let me know if you changed that things also mentioned yesterday and the minimum temp bug???

Thank you!