Builds after 147 are not "ftp" ing to my web-site

Builds after 147 are not “ftp” at all, to my web-site

Any errors in the ftp log?

No, i don’t have any errors

Can you FTP to your site from the same PC using something other than WD?

yes, “filezila” works good still

Have you double checked login info in WD?

hello blainec, do you mean “help” “About”

Hello blainec,
i think you meant,
Web Site Configurations, control Panel
“ftp & connections”
Usually when you update the program, it remembers all of your settings

yes, but I have had times that it got corrupted

ok thanks blainec, I’ll check it out

I have found recently that using a VPN (or at least protonvpn) pretty much blocks FTP from ftpupd.exe, even though other FTP programs work fine with it (including realtimeftp2.exe and clientrawrealtimeftp.exe).

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Is WD even attempting to ftp? If it is what happens?

If you use realtime ftp you can open it and watch what happens. Otherwise you need to check your settings and verify you have WD set to ftp something. If there are no errors then it sounds like either WD is not scheduled to send anything or it was successful in connecting but had nothing to send.

The ftplogfull.txt will tell you what its doing it is overwritten each time the ftp runs and is found in the main display folder

Wonder if this got fixed and what fixed it???

I’m not sure because I’m still using build 147

I guess what I meant to say is, are your files still not being ftp’d to your site?

Maybe you could provide a few answers to help us help you…

I am giving up on trying to help anybody around here…

I just looked at his website, it appears to be updating, so I think it is safe to say that it is working now

But OP says he’s gone back to using build 147. The problem seems to be with 148 and 149 :confused:

I had the almost same issue with 149. It got very sporadic somedays worked most did not I would go in make tons of changes, 1 at a time wasted a lot of time. I finally just wrote a script to update my 2 websites with winscript.
I will say that I didn’t see any errors in the logs when doing ftp. When I attempted to switch to SFTP it would jump thru a bunch of hoops authenticating and then would finally saw logged in but would not send anything.