Build 68 & console icon

That’s interesting, I also have ticked “Not using heated rain gauge” and I have not noticed any problem, although I have not measured any precip yet either so I can’t be sure of that.

Brian made a change in build 69 to make a fix for this post , it seems like it might have something to do with what you’re seeing.

ADD: As a test I did the following:
I had the “Not using heated rain gauge” ticked and the snow melt threshold set at the default 50.
Next I manually inputted .01 in of rain. This resulted in the rain icon appearing when I expected to see a snow icon due to the ambient temp being 21F and my snow threshold set at 2C.
Next I changed the snowmelt threshold from 50C to 0C - no change in icon, still shows rain.
Next I un-ticked the heated rain gauge box and then the snow icon appeared.
To finish, I put everything back where I started.

Hope that helps in some way.