Build 68 & console icon

Anybody else notice a change in the console icon after installing build 68? Mine were working great until I installed the new build. It acts like my local conditions are not overriding the metar conditions. Last night it rained over 0.2" in about 15 minutes and I noticed the icon never changed from overcast, and that is what the metar was reporting. I switched back to the last build 67 but it didn’t change.

It’s possible I made changes to the icon and never restarted WD until installing the new build, but I checked and I am set to have local wind/rain override the metar and that seems to not be working now…

Hi Dan, I hadn’t noticed anything while using build 67, and this morning I just installed build 69 and so far I have not seen an issue - it’s sunny here today. I’ll have to wait for some precip to come in before I can test for you.

Installed build 69 and now I’m getting:

048 Icon Type Z 26 (Snow Melt)
049 Weather Desc L Dry

and it’s raining here…

Metar shows overcast/light rain

Very strange the way WD is acting…

add: I might have found the issue…I had ticked “Not using heated rain gauge”. Unticked and set the default back to 50 and at least for the moment the icons are reacting as expected.

That’s interesting, I also have ticked “Not using heated rain gauge” and I have not noticed any problem, although I have not measured any precip yet either so I can’t be sure of that.

Brian made a change in build 69 to make a fix for this post , it seems like it might have something to do with what you’re seeing.

ADD: As a test I did the following:
I had the “Not using heated rain gauge” ticked and the snow melt threshold set at the default 50.
Next I manually inputted .01 in of rain. This resulted in the rain icon appearing when I expected to see a snow icon due to the ambient temp being 21F and my snow threshold set at 2C.
Next I changed the snowmelt threshold from 50C to 0C - no change in icon, still shows rain.
Next I un-ticked the heated rain gauge box and then the snow icon appeared.
To finish, I put everything back where I started.

Hope that helps in some way.

yes , will be related to the heated rain gauge setting

if you have that unticked
i.e you do have a heated rain gauge
then any rain recorded when the temperature is less than you snow setting will show as snow or snow melt

With it ticked (Not using heated rain gauge) and the threshold for snow melt set at 0C, any rain fall was showing as snow/ice as the ambient temps are near 50F. Snow icon temp is the default 2C.

Guess I won’t mess with it anymore… #-o #-o