Bug with 24h-graph (main-screen)

Since several months (don’t know exactly the WD-version) WD has a bug with the 24h-graph on the main-screen - but only after month-roll-over!

The graph looks like this:

Any ideas?

BTW: the 12h-graph is OK!

Also the trend for the last 24h is in a way reseted:

Is this correct? I mean it isn’t.

For the first time this same thing happed to me with the month roll over :?:
Using WD 9.85e.

Perhaps it has to do with the “Hour to reset the daily high low values”?

I’ve noticed, that I have it set to “2”… and that is also the time the graph is reseted; but why are the hours before 2am are missing now, if I set this value to “2” instead of “0”?

its a (looks to be unpopular) change i made, where the data starts new
when people used the convert graph files to log files (becuase the log files got screwed), you would end up with last months data at the start of the log file (and becuase the month is not saved in the grpah data there is no way of knowing), and people would not realise this, and so time and time again i would have to clean/delete peoples log files
so this way no more of that problem
the trends/graphs will come correct/populate again over the next 72 hours gradualy

i hope you understand.

Ahh! Ok, I can understand it.

Sorry for starting a(n) (unnecessary?) thread about that. :slight_smile: