Bug or not....?

At every update of the data coming from my weather station the current conditions are updated and right? but about 20 seconds after all the values are coming back to a old valu always the same…Is that normal?? how can I clean once all the old values in WD??? to try if it will be working…

Can someone help me?? Thanks a lot

I still didn’t receive any answer to my question about the weather sation WS 2200… Nobody is using it??


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it sounds like a conflict of data sources
check you do not have wd setup to update data from a downloaded metar (see under setup, ftp setup, ftpdownload/metar)
the ws2200 is the same as the basic Ws2000 type station if it uses a sperate data logger…
so you just need to select the outdoor station number to use as your main station sensor ( i know have it defaulting to 1, i didnt use to)


thanks it seems to work now… I did put a longer serie cable, and I did check points you told about…

Thanks for your help…

Have a nice day… :wink: :wink: :wink: