Bug Fixes & W.D Update Sept. 25, 2003

Hello to all,

Although I have not been browsing this weather-display forum for a while since I have been busy at work and thats finally subsided I am now able to keep track of the bug reports on here. From now on I will check to see what bugs were fixed and I will lock them… Also, if a post has not been answered within the past 5 days or so it will be locked…

Im working on moving all the bug postings before september 20 into the bug archieve folder…

Brian on the other hand is doing a spectacular job! I couldnt say more… He’s helped me out with many emails of mine for over the past year :stuck_out_tongue: and on this forum. And I can learn from my mistakes and learn from him on what he has taught me… W.D keeps growing and getting better every single day and we will continue to go in the right direction… So in conclusion keep up the excellent work as you progress on your software and other peoples requests on here… :slight_smile:

One other thing that I will now start doing is checking the “feature suggestions” forum and I will start locking the ones that are closed and finished…

Thank You for your cooperation

thanks and good work Chad!

Thanks Brian! Keep up the good work

Chad, please dont be discoured by the chatter posts deletion fiasco
onwards and upwards!

Not a problem… People didnt realize that there wasnt any chatter archive section on this forum but now there is so they will be kept in there after 5 days of the creation topic date.