Bug? Current wx doesn't show up in v 29f but does with prior version

I just downloaded the weatherD.exe file for 29f and copied it to my wd folder. When I run WD using that new .exe file, none of my current conditions are displaying. I switched back to the previous weatherD.exe file and everything seems to display properly. I switched back to 29f again and it doesn’t work. Is there something more that I am supposed to do besides copying over the weatherD.exe file?


I had this problem but after stopping and restarting a couple of times it worked OK. I think I also went into control panel and clicked “OK” to confirm my COM port and some other settings, although I didn’t change anything.

just at my brothers, helping him shift stuff after renovating
the problem is with a davis VP only, and 10.29g fixes it (full install)
i ran out of time to update the zip version
it was a bug i introduced today, but quicly fixed up
sorry about that

ragamuffin, did you see where i now have the all day video generation done with a separate .exe now?
much better, and wd should be happier for it…
try the latest full install to get that :slight_smile:

Hi Brian,

Separating the all day video into that exe was a smart move! Just a couple of comments:

  • would it make sense to have the new exe also trigger the WMD compaction at the end of video production? That way no need to assume appropriate delays etc.

  • the start hour and stop hour. These have a will all of their own! How about having a check box labelled “Set start and stop time manually”. When you check the checkbox then you can enter 0-24 in each of the start and stop hour boxes to specify the times. When the checkbox is unchecked then it defaults to 1 hour before or after sunrise, or as appropriate.

  • it would be nice for to have an additional file called yesterday.wmv. At midnight WD, could just take the latest all day video and just rename it. When the new day’s all day video production begins it will not overwrite that file. This would be useful so that visitors to the webiste can always see a complete day’s weather, no matter when they visit.

Best regards,

The Muffin

good idea about the when finished routine, as I actualy found the process that fires that (and then closes that createmovie.exe)
i will do that and add that to the createmovie.exe to fire up the wmv create .bat file
re sunset hour,sunrise hour, i forgot to add option to manualy set that…
i will do that too

and i will add yesterday too///

Great! Thanks :smiley:

OK, I’ll install the full version then. Could someone please tell me the process of installing a new version over an old, or direct me to where those instructions are located? This is the first time I’ve needed a new install with WD as I am new to the program.

Thanks so much.


Basically you download the full install, shutdown WD, double click on the .exe and WD will be updated. It will perserve all of you settings and data. Very easy but scary the first time. :slight_smile:

Here is the link to the FAQ by snowman http://discourse.weather-watch.com/t/7652


now the moviecreate runs the wmv convert .bat file and also then starts the upload of the completed .wmv file too!
seems to be working well here, in testing :slight_smile:
also there is an override for the start/end times for the all day movie creation too now
i have not done the yesterday.wmv thing yet
but there is an option to create a date stamped copy of the all day wmv movie file…