I hate to keep bringing this up but can you help me out here. I want to upload my WD data to Weather Underground every 5 minutes (@ Local fire departments are tracking the data). The problem is when I do this the rain data, which is a major concern to them, never updates correctly. This has been broken for over a year. This worked perfectly around 11 months ago but it has gotten so bad that if we have an inch of rain WD reports values anywhere between .01 - .6. Its so inconsistent thats its unusable. Anything Weather works perfectly and I also update this every 5 minutes. I tried to convince then to switch over but they are already setup to use other stations from WU. Can you look into this. Thanks Greg

Hi Gregg,

It appears that Weather Underground is not going to change the way they record rain fall. Your local fire departments are using a defective source (Weather Underground) for rain fall.
If your local fire departments need the rain data and they can

What exactly do you mean by the statement
“Weather Underground is not going to change the way they record rain fall”

This worked perfectly a year ago? I’m confused.

I wish they (the local fire dept) would switch but they use other data that is uploaded to weather underground and its calculated correctly. It seems that other users are using a different software to collect their data and it must upload correctly.

As far as a rain guage. Sure that would work but that only measures at the fire house and not in the sectors they want to monitor. Its also very very hard to check a manual rain guage with software.

The following is quoted from an e-mail conversation I had with “Wunder” last April. Note that I complained to them about their Rain data being doubled! After that the rain was dead on what I reported. Now and since around 9.7? my data is being halved on their site. It would seem to me that something has changed in your code to make this happen! This (halving) has been going on for several months and my inquiries to “Wunder” on other matters have been ignored!


Following is excerpted from an e-mail dated 14 April 2003 from “Wunder”:


Thanks for pointing out that bug. It was a bug with our support for

I fixed the bug.

Thanks for uploading data to our site!


John Celenza
Meteorological Developer
[email protected]

Original Message Follows:

From: [email protected]
Subject: Rain Info Problem
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2003 10:56:21 -0400

Hi! This is Ed Bradley of Station KFLALLIG1 I’ve just recently
noticed that the rain totals on my station are being doubled when
reported on the “Daily Statistics” section of my Station. For
instance, yesterday we had .31 inches of rain and today we had .01
inches. The Stats yesterday showed .64inches and today so far is
.02 inches. Can you tell me what’s happening and if there is a way I
can correct the Numbers?

Best regards,


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i will set up a wunderground id, for testing, and through in some dummy rain figures, and update every 5 minutes, and see what needs to be done to get it to gel

sometime today…or tomorrow…

I appreciate it mate. You guys do say mate right?

is my test i have going (usign my own wunderground data)

so far (scroll down to see the last postings), its displaying the rain i have manualy entered into the program ( i.e i am simply increasing the daily rain total under setup, barometer offsets and rainfall)
(i.e i have increased the rain by the amount shown in the table
so far its working correct

11:04 32.0

that worked too

its working perfectly in the testing i have done

Check out what I’ve found on my Wunder Page!

It seems that the Wunder program is not adding the data received correctly! All of them added together should be .45 inches of rain!
Yet, it only totals .27?



Adding problem here as well. Have a look at yesterdays data a WU. It totals .19 but the Daily Statistics shows 0.02 in

To all,
I sent the above pictures to support at Wunder at 11:00am this morning! At noon, my everything was working fine, adding and everything!

     But, no e-mail answer from support!  Oh well, I'm happy it is working for now!


Can you post the email address. Mine is still wayyyy off?

Sure! I used: [email protected]

Just checked my Station (KFLALLIG1) and it says .21", while my console says .22". I think that’s because my console rounds up at.005". I haven’t gone into the data log to see, but its still way better than what it was!

I think they have to know what machine you’re using to calibrate their inputs.