Brian - The company I work for won a NZ contract

I may get to come meet you someday.

Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH) has chosen an Intergraph GeoMedia solution to assist with multiple road maintenance and management contracts throughout New Zealand.

Heard of us (Intergraph) or our software (Geomedia)?

Hi Greg,
We looked at Intergraph GIS a few years ago to replace Mapinfo GIS .
I went to the HQ in Symond Street , Auckland ( about 3 years ago ) .

We ended going Smallworld in the end .

There’s another Electricity Utility ( WEL energy )in Hamilton who’s been using Intergraph for years.

Well done winning the contract .
Hope you can meet the NZ expectations.
Us Kiwis expect top end products like Weather Display .

you are welcome to visit Greg :slight_smile:


The company I work for here in West Greenwich Rhode Island,
put the New Zealand Lotteries gaming system in.

(See occupation in profile)

There must be a bug (hole) in the software,
thats where my money goe’s.

i cant remember which thread, but herb, re the moon date, sometimes you do not get a moon rise or set on the current day (i.e it was the day before or is on the next day :slight_smile:

re the lotto:
so, you must know a winning number then?

Sorry about NOT knowing the winning numbers, guys.

After all, it’s your countrymen that pull the BALLS. 8O
It’s just my system that the results get recorded into.

Actually, I’m not allowed to play the Lottery.
I have to get my action at the Casinos in Atlantic City New Jersey,
Las Vegas, Nevada and the World’s Largest Casino, Foxwoods in
Conneticut, which is 28 miles from my home.

Since you guys are a day ahead of me, and in my future, there would
be a better chance if you gave ME the numbers :smiley:


OK, next lotto draw.

lotto numbers 12 , 04 , 37 , 07 , 22 , 11
bonus balls 27 , 38

also if you want the big one
powerball 07 :smiley:

myself and Windy will take 5% each ( 10% total ) :slight_smile:

you might want to throw in 5 % to a charity of your choice . :!:

OK, it’s a deal.
$5.8 Million each, for you guys.
$98.6 Million for me.
Heck, I’ll even buy a 2nd copy of WD.

But I’ll have to put on a phony beard and mustache to cash it.

I bet (no pun intended) that the current US PowerBall jackpot of
$116 Million is a smidge larger than the NZ PowerBall.
Herb :drinking:

Next weeks draw powerball must be won
It will be $17 million NZ ( largest to-date )

you better take those numbers ( get the 10 number combo )
oh , the extra number will be 40 .
may as well maximize the winnings
I saw these numbers in my dream 8O

US $116M you could buy a small island here ( with your own shopping centre )

How come the US lottery limit is so high ?
is there a point where it must be won.

Hope you didn’t spend any of your winnings yet.
We weren’t even close.
I won’t be buying a 2nd copy of WD.

Last night’s PowerBall was 12-20-24-25-48 PB=37
The PB=7 you gave me was Wednesday’s PB.

We need a better system.

In the US, there are 21 PowerBall States.
Jackpots are based on population playing, something you don’t have.
$116 Million is really not too high. There is no limit on how high it gets.
Jackpot was not hit. It will be $137 Million Wednesday night.
I think the starting point is somewhere around 50 Million.


I know where I went wrong .

forgot to do the metric to imperial conversion . :oops: