Brian - Could you add evapotranspiration to the dailylog.txt

Brian - Would it be possible to add evapotranspiration to the dailylog.txt file. I want to get this data into HomeSeer so I can activate my sprinkler system based on this value. Thanks in advance. Greg

i cant add it to that file, sorry, as that file is fixed…and adding another data point will be it not compatible (but it will be OK for the next day when it starts again)
but you could create your own log file…and use the custom tag for the evaptranspiration rate
hope that helps

Is the daily ET recorded anywhere so a guy could get a total for the week? Thanks for the reply.

well, there is a VP log file…
which has it…
but you dont have a VP, and instead have a 1 wire solar sensor
BUT, I will look into adding it to the 42003lg2.txt daily time/date stamped log file (which has the snow depth, soil max /min)

actualy i already have the file (sun shine hours and ET)
its called 42003lgsun.txt (for april)