Bookmarking posts as a reminder

In the old forum I sometimes marked messages unread again after reading them. It reminded me there was something in the message that I wanted to go back to when I had more time. That did of course make it tricky deciding which messages were unread because they hadn’t been read and which were unread because they had been read :exploding_head:

Discourse has a better way to handle this. If you’d like to have a reminder to go back to re-read something in the future you can set a bookmark. To do this…

  1. Below the message you want to be reminded about you’ll see the ‘show more’ three dots. Click on the three dots to open the post menu up more fully.
  2. Click on the bookmark icon in the post menu. Hovering over the icons will show you what they do.
  3. On the bookmark popup you can add a note reminding you why you want to set the bookmark, and set the date/time that you want to be reminded about it. If you click the ‘cog’ button you get an extra field displayed which allows you to decide what to do with the bookmark after being reminded about it.
  4. When you’ve selected the date/time, click on ‘Save’.
  5. You’ll be reminded about the message on your chosen date and time.

To see the bookmarks you’ve set, click on your account avatar icon (top right hand corner) and then the bookmark icon in the right hand column of the pop-out menu. The left hand pane of the popup window will then show you any bookmarks you have created.

If you look at a message that you’ve bookmarked the bookmark icon will be highlighted and if you hover over it you’ll see details of the reminder. If you then click on the icon you can change the bookmark details or click the delete button at the bottom to remove the bookmark.