Book review: Sustainable energy without the hot air

I have written a detailed (thus long) book review at

The book in question is arguably the best one I’ve read on energy and its impact on the environment, if only because it is easy-to-read and sometimes downright funny. It has another outstanding merit, besides being technically sound: you can download it for nothing, yes, free-of-charge, gratis, zilch!

The last paragraph of my review reads:

In my view, it doesn't matter two hoots where you live; this book is relevant to where you are and who you are. I do not hesitate in recommending it to anyone with just, at the least, the very slightest interest in the world around him or her. It doesn't cost you a penny to download it from the Internet, especially if you don't mind reading it off the screen. I bought the cheaper hard copy version because printing it out would have cost more than purchasing it (my Scottish blood comes to the fore!). Finally, I emphasise that Prof MacKay has written it to be eminently readable and he has a great sense of humour, as well as being right with his reasoned arguments (at least, for 98% of the time, in my opinion!).