Bomb Cyclogenisis

Bomb Cyclogenesis

It’s a term I haven’t heard before. We just had one the other day in central North America. Essentially it’s an over-land cyclone that forms rapidly.(In less than 24 hrs) See link below:

I live near where the ‘eye’ passed over.(The midwestern states to the south of me got the brunt of it). It set a lot of new record low barometer readings. Fortunately these overland cyclones don’t have hurricane force winds. We’ve been blowing at a pretty constant 25 mph to 45 mph all night. The winds are supposed to continue all day today with gusts up to 50 Mph.

The cyclone rotates counter-clockwise. This means the winds on the west side are coming down from the cold north. This has brought snow and blizzard like conditions to areas of western Canada and some of the Northern - mid Western states. Fortunately the snow won’t reach us. :slight_smile:

Here is a screen shot of the ‘cyclone’ that I took last night from this web site: →

Very interesting, thanks for posting that.

This is the same system that has produced some of the lowest barometric pressures in a non-tropical low pressure system recorded in North America. Lowest I heard yesterday was 28.20 in/hg (someone said that’s the equivalent of the pressure in a Category 3 hurricane…wow).

impressive for a system over land
Bomb is where it deepens 1 hpa an hour for 24 hours at least : :wink:

the energy released is like an A bomb going off!

rapidly developing and deepening systems more often develop over the ocean
(in the southern ocean they can get as deep as 945 hpa (27.9in) )

Not sure if it is the same term, we call it "ciclog

nice swirl there :wink:

Indeed! I don’t know about mb/hr, but any time you’ve got two full turns of cloud wrapped about the centre, it’s a doozie!

I used to work at the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic(62N,7W), and in December 1988 we got hit by one of those. The center was at 937hPa. I lived 10 miles from where they measured 77m/s.
See attached graphic of windspeed. The readings stopped when the wind vane blew off. It was never seen again.
We had four hurricanes with winds in excess of 45m/s in four weeks that winter.


I was just looking at my station graph for the month of October… I clearly shows the low pressure ‘cyclogenisis’ area passing by last week. You can see the big drop to 969 hPa - (28.6 inches) and the wind picking up to 70+ Km/h - (45 - 50 Mph). You can’t see the rain chart, but we got 44.5mm - (1.75 inches) of rain during the period.

Another one on the way, 16 hPa fall in the last 9 hours, fast developement in course to Ireland, Great Britain, France and Spain.

Last GIF animation (10 Mb)

Wow another one! It is reminding me about the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” 8O

The situation worsens when three massive hurricane-like blizzard superstorms begin to form over the northern hemisphere, with their eyes pulling down super-cooled air that causes anything in contact with it to instantly freeze, thus heralding the predicted ice age in seven to ten days.

Here she comes: “Becky”, 958 hPa right now.

That must have been the one that hit us with 100mph winds and did

I was watching the highlights of the Ireland/Australia Rugby game which was badly affected by gales!
the Atlantic is really firing at the moment,…lots of energy built up as its been warmer than normal, the sea temperatures, in the north atlantic, for a while now…
from what I have been reading, at some stage the pattern will change to bring continental cold into central europe until the spring…

at some stage the pattern will change to bring continental cold into central europe until the spring

It seems to start happen now. Next 10 days all forecasted to below 0