Bohler - WXSIM-Lite GFS Run 18 z Missing - Last was 2023-08-28-12 z

Last Bohler - WXSIM-Lite GFS Run was ( 2023-08-28-12 z ) and Last Should Be ( 2023-08-28-18 z )

Tom and Sam have been emailed.

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Bohler - WXSIM-Lite GFS Run ( 2023-08-28-18 z ) Missing
Bohler - WXSIM-Data GFS Run (2023-08-28-18 z ) Missing
Bohler - WXSIM-Adv GFS Run (2023-08-28-18 z ) Missing
Note All McMahon Data and Adv (2023-08-28-18 z ) Available this time.

All Bohler - WXSIM GFS Runs Lite, Data and Adv( 2023-08-29-00 z ) Available on time.
Note All McMahon Data and Adv (2023-08-29-00 z ) Available also.

Hi, @Tom_Ehrensperger @administrator
Just a thought here, one thing I dislike is re-running a scheduled forecast in the event Run Data is not available from (one of the 2 sources (Bohler/McMahon)), by that I mean run it again manually selecting the other source which is available. That’s just a me thing relating to WxSim-Lite and Autolearn (don’t ask it’s just me).
However I feel it worth maybe Tom looking at the possibility of coding a programmatic switch at WxSimate Run Time to try downloading the other source if Selected Source Fails.
Maybe too hard, though just thought I would raise it.
Cheers Tony.

There would be an advantage to getting WxSimate to complete a full download ASAP. There is also a possible disadvantage to myself and Sam in that if one of us is always slightly faster than the other then all traffic would automatically go to that person, increasing our server traffic and loading, whilst the other would be unused.

I suspect Sam will nearly always get data available for download before me. His system was coded specifically for WxSim whereas mine pre-dates WxSim. Mine was written for other purposes which requires more data to be calculated so it can never be as efficient as a custom built system.

Hi Chris, I may not have explained correctly.
I did not mean download asap. What I meant was whichever source the user has chosen would be used (at the time they elect to run it) and in the event that source failed, then try and download the 2nd source. That way a source would hopefully be downloaded (obviously times would arise when neither may be available (not often), but neither you nor Sam I would think should be impacted more than the other over time as the selected source would be tried first. Probably won’t happen just a thought.

But if Sam is usually available at around 5h15m after run time and I’m usually available at 5h30m then if you have me selected and timed to go at 5h20m then I’ll usually fail so you’ll fall back to Sam pretty much every time even though you have my source selected.

If you time your downloads for 5h40m then you should get your selected source.

Maybe I’m wrong but with the interest in exactly when data becomes available I got the impression that a lot of people try to time their downloads for as soon after the data arrives as possible. That would drive people to use the source that tends to finish first.

mm ok let’s say it’s in it’s current state only downloads one source. I would not logically elect to download from a specific source and knowing it’s not available that early, it would result in never downloading any. So If I preferred one over the other I would set a time to download that one. Anyway, like I said, it will never happen.