Blank page

Can anybody tell what the blank page is on my web site Can’t seem to get rid of it. Also can’t seem to update the schrolling info at the top of the web site. Thanks.

it looks like the mesomap image is being uploaded but it isn’t set up with data or a map image


i do not know where the setting is to remove it as I do not use it either, but I am sure someone will pop up with the answer :slight_smile:

Try this.
Go to Setup> Control panel > Mesomap set

Thank you. I deleted the line in webfiles/datahtm2.txt and it worked. Now if I can just delete the scrolling image accross the top of my web page I will be able to continue the construction. Again thank you and a Happy New Year to you.

i notice your gif colours are not too flash
are you able to get higher colour on the desktop?
if not , try setting wd to use jpg images instead (see under setup, control panel, webfiles/web page setup)
and you should be able to turn off the scrolling text in the #2 setup of the webfiles/web page setup