Beta testers needed to ...

add support for the skyview systems data logger for the WM918 /WMR918

(and who are not afraid of losing the logged data like I just did on the one I have here (I got the CRC working, then wiped the data when i set the date invalid)

it turns out that this data logger has no battery, and so thats why there is no data in it to download!
off to find a WM918…to get some data…

Considering I have asked you to get the skyview data logger working with the WMR918, I better take a chance (keeping everything crossed) and for me to try it out on your behalf.

What is required for me to test it out, and what setting up is required

i will email you a simple test program :slight_smile:

OK, I better do a back up of my log files before I commence. Comes back to this topic I mentioned about a few days ago.

Will the software you sent need to work within WD, and does it have the facility to interogate the data logger to set the parameters up correctly. If you recall, I had to use Skyview “Weatherview” software to do it.

Will go and wash my mouth out now.