Beta testers needed for ftp program for dial up modem

and unzip to where WD is installed

This version hangups the modem direct instead of using the external hangup.exe program
it should be OK, i have done some testing…and I wont it to be good as verison i had perfected for dial up modems but then lost…

Brian, I have a copy of the 6.42 ftup that has been working flawlessly with my dial-up for months, just curious but is there some advantage to this one I don’t have?

there are some new functions that that verison does not support
so i want to be able to make the current version work good too
i am away now for the next 4 days

Hi Brian

I am using version 9.79 with your new FTP program.

System is a Pentium 2 450 running Windows XP Pro with a dial up modem.

I have only run the new program for a couple of days, however it appears not to be any better for my upload problem than the last.

If the modem connects first time then upload works. If however the modem does not connect to the ISP but is “blocked” due to contention by the phone line provider, no redial is attempted by the program and no upload occurs. If the modem connects through the line provider to the ISP but then the ISP gives the engaged tone it will try to redial.

Any ideas?


i dont get a busy signal very often, but i will dial and engaed line to mimick, and fix it