Best way to run Weather Display Console

I want to run Weather Display Linux console version in the most practical way…

Should I run it in the background and automatically load when my Ubuntu Server starts…

I want it so if my power goes off…when it comes back on that my computer will automatically start and Weather Display will load and start logging again…I want a little interaction with it as possible.

Can someone please help me come up with the best way to run Weather Display and the how of doing it?


Give it a go and see how you like it.

Any hints on running a script in the background on startup?

What I did today 5 minutes before I left the house.

REM out the root check in Do this at your own risk

#getUID() {

id $1 | sed -e ‘s/(.*$//’ -e ‘s/^uid=//’


Test if user is root and deny access if they are.

It is not a good idea to be running software as root.

#if [ “getUID” = 0 ] ; then

echo “ERROR: You can’t run this as ROOT. Change to another user and try again.”;



End of User test.

I then made a start up file.


cd /home/change/consolewdfiles
./ > /var/log/weather.log


chmod 755 /etc/run/

made a file called /var/log/weather.log

Add line to /etc/rc.local


It seems to work after reboot. I see underground weather is getting my updates…

ps aux | grep GoWdconsole

Good luck, David

Thanks for that.

My Weather Underground still doesn’t work…but I have set up a cronjob to do it and that works fine…it’s just not working when it calls it from consolewd

Is there a way to restart consolewd if there is a “send PC ready result -1” or some sort of alert?


I’ve had Weather Display work for a about two periods of 5 hours today…it just seems to stop after awhile…I’m running WRM100…I just want something robust and it seems WD console is not that robust? What am I missing?