Beaufort tags

First of all season greetings to everyone :lol:
Hope you all had a nice x-mas

Does the tag %bftspeedtext% display the gustwind or the averagewind ?
If it shows the average it might explain the following;
When the windspeed exceeds 4bft the winddirinwords still shows moderate breeze.
With 0, 1, 2, 3 & 4 bft it is working fine but from 5 bft and up it is not.

What is the difference between the tags
%beaufortnum% and %currbftspeed% ?
Most of the times they showing different values.
Is it gust and average ?

%currbftspeed% is based on the current (gust) speed

%beaufortnum% is based on the 10 minute average windspeed

for %bftspeedtext%
i see whats wrong now
next version of wd will be ok