Battery Status - WMR968

Does or can WD create a ‘.gif’ or the like, for the remote sensor battery status?

i could get it to do that, yes, or maybe add as custom tags (or do i already have those???)
(but i am away at the moment installing a weather station at my parents place…but the ((%(((_ rain gauge is not working after we erected the mast!!

Brian, Ver 9.80, I see you have the tags in there now. Thanks!!!
The following three tags don’t want to convert:
%wmr918/68consbat3%…Battery status of the console
%wmr918/68rainbat3%…Battery status of the rain gauge
%wmr918/68windbat3%…Battery status of the wind sensor
The other three did convert properly.

oops, typo in the owntemplate.txt file
remove the 3 in each of those at the end