Basic - how to upload .php with wx(local)# files

OK, I’m sorry if this is too basic to ask here (I’m getting lost), but I’m trying to get NWS forecast icons and brief text under icons on a page on my site.
I’ve got the advforecast2.php, icons, call in html file all set up (in right places) and working with everything working EXCEPT I have to rename the automatically uploaded wx2.html file to wx2.php for it to process right.

How do I get WD to go from the wxlocal2.html (or should it be something else, like wxlocal2.php?) in local directory into wx2.php uploaded to server instead of .html?
I found the place in WD where it looks like you can have it use .php for all created and uploaded files. I only need ONE file (wx2) to be .php, but will do all if needed.
Or, is there a more specific or simpler way?

I’m just starting, and y’all are WAY ahead. Sorry for the basic/simple question.


Go to Control Panel / Internet File Creation and Uploads / Setup Page #2 / File #23.
Then set your file create times, turn the switch on, and click “Save Now”.
Then go to the “Show File Uploads Times” button.
Set your file uplaod times and turn the switch on.
Now in the “Remote File Name” field, enter the name that you wish the file to be on your server. ex: wxlocal2.php or wx2.php (because it is no longer local)
Click “Save Now” again and click OK.

There should be two green dots on the File #23 line showing that all went well.


Thanks! That did it!