Barometric readings flatline

I’m not sure if this is a software issue or not. In any event I have noticed that the barometric pressure fluctuates slightly after WD first runs, but then remains constant until the next time WD is stopped and restarted. I am running an original Dalsemi WS and the famous 1-Wire hub with the barometric sensor running inside the house. This issue became noticeable beginning with one of the v 9.37 versions.



Have you looked at the barometer using the iButton viewer? Also check your settings in the "Setup Dallas one-wire wind direction … "

I have not changed the setting on the barometer or any other sensor in several months, so I rather doubt it is that. It seems to work for a short while after WD is restarted, and then it gets “stuck.”

i do have a spike check, and so it then migth get stuck if it does not come back with a good value
what does the raw value show in the dallas 1 wire setup when it is stuck

Raw Baro readings are: current is 994.3mb, current VDD is 5.080, temp is 71.5, VAD is 5.300. It will get “stuck” at different pressures, depending upon what the pressure may be when the program is restarted. If you check the graph you will note it will determine a pressure and change for a short while, but then remain steady at a particular value. Even if I disconnect it from the hub it remains at that constant value.

the Q is, is the raw values still changing
the next thing:
why use a hub?
try WD without one (and or with the new link adaptor)

The hub I have. The barometer sensor is on a separate cable and not running on parasitic power. The humidity/temp sensor is on another cable and is not running on parasitic power. The rain gauge is also on a separate cable. Thus, there are three devices plus the weather station itself connected to the hub. I’m not up on the link adaptor you are referring to. As for the raw data, it changes until it gets “stuck.”

ok, no worries
i will try and find time to have a look at what i have done…

I’m not worried. When you get to it, you get to it. I just was pointing out my observation.


It appears that v 9.38.d may have fixed the problem, although I also moved the barometer sensor cable to another port on the hub, with the humidity/temp sensor now the last cable on the hub, rather than the barometer cable.

i didnt change anything, so it will be the later :slight_smile: