Barometric pressur plotting straight line

So many funnies are creeping in to Weather Display all of a sudden! Not sure if it is WD or other software that I have got is causung all these upsets. Just wish I had a dedicated PC solely for WD.

Here is the latest problem. The barometric pressure has been dropping slowly. At this present time it is 1006mb. The start at “real time” shows this on the graph, but looking closely at the graph, the plot has a vertical line which stops at 1012mb. from here the plot is recorded as history at a steady straight line of 1012mb.

Any ideas why?

I have taken drastic measures and pressed the graph reset to see if this problem comes back again.

The graph reset at 1006mb, but after first minute update, the complete straight horizontal plot has now shifted up to 1012mb again!

Will let you know Brian of the outcome, unless you know otherwise.


What’s the make and model of weather station hardware are you using, and is it wireless?


Hi Bob,

Its an Oregon Scientific WMR918N, and it is wireless


Initially do a quick search of the forums for WMR918, there are several threads already covering this issue.

Secondly, you may be getting intermittant RF interferece, or interference from your own computer equipment ot televisions. Have you moved any electrical euipment in the house or bought additional?

I suffered similar problems with my LaCrosse system, except my problem was generally with my rain gauge. My solution was to buy a 15’ serial extender cable and move my interface as far away from the PC, printer etc. as possible. I then relocated the rainguage which is now only 20’ from the receiver/interface.

Unfortunately, if it is an external source of interference, it could take quite a bit of ‘trial and error’ to resolve the problem. If I recall, Baddesley iS a fairly well populated area and is located near to Eastleigh/Southampton Airport and the Ford Plant, all potentially sources of interference from radar and welding operations. Also, with so many radio based wireless options being available for use in domestic and commercial situations the world is quickly poluted by radio noise.

Sorry, not a clear answer to your problem, but hopefully a starting point.


Hi Bob,

ummmm, I wonder if you have hit the nail on the head. Apart from initial software changes, the only one I can think of is the new wireless ADSL which has been installed about a month. I could try to resite that. It is about 2ft away from the WMR918N.

Your very familiar with Baddesley and it’s surrounding area. Did you use to live around this area?

Yes, I am English and moved to the USA in 1999. I used to live in Aldershot and work in Bordon, although originally I am a Midlander from Hinckley.


Are, now it makes sense. gather you must have worked for the MOD, as there is nothing else at Bordon. I used to work there to.

Things have gone from bad to worse. I switched off the wireless ADSL to see if things improved, and no, nothing changed, but I now have noticed that ALL the graph plots are completely out of specification compared to what is shown on ALL the indicators on the left hand part of the main screen. Something is seriously wrong here. Also, the rain has been recorded for today as 4mm, but when I shut down WD and reopened it again, all that information has been lost. We had 2mm yesterday also, and the left hand section tells me 0mm fell yesterday.

Reinstalling an earlier version of WD hasn’t removed the problem.

With all this, plus the tide prediction not working correctly … in fact it didn’t update at all so it is 2 days out now, I feel like uninstalling WD and clear the slate completly of WD information and restart again. The trouble is (unless Brian or someone can tell me) is there any easy 100% reliable way that I can do this, and retain ALL my data so that I can reinstate it when I reinstall.

It is now 36 hours since this problem occured. The situation is that it appears that the graph is not plotting, another words in remains in the same place and does not scroll right to left. Could this be a an electronic paper jam or run out of paper!

So that where the problem I think lies. The graph on update does not scroll right to left. Any ideas. Resetting graph did not work.


I had a similar problem with WD’s main screen graph not moving at all (right to left) for anything. As a last resort, I copied my datafiles, logfiles over into another directory for safe keeping, then I deleted WD completely, including the registry key. I did leave the ‘ini’ file alone in my windows directory.

Then re-installed with the latest version ( which was the version I deleted) and let it run for a short and the graph started moving again, recording all items.

This was on my test system where I try out Brian’s latest/greatest goodies before updating my live system. This did help and I’m sorry I can’t nail it down as to what caused it but I really suspect is was a corrupted datafile somewhere as I didn’t spend the time analyzing each data,log file or even the registry entry to find the culprit. I didn’t restore the registry that I had originally and I really think that was the problem at this point.

I’ve since put back all my log and datafiles and it is still going. The only one I didn’t put back was the current month as I let WD regen that information.

Thanks for your advice Lar. I have tried what you said, and all was working well until I got to v9.71. Here it seemed okay, I then introduced the tide prediction software, and then it all went wrong again. I’m going to try it yet again, and introduce small changes until the situation occurs again. It is a slow job, especially when I have little time, but I want to find out (and I am sure Brian would too) what part I introduce which recreates this problem. Not entirely convinced if it is the tide prediction, but if it is, then it will be omitted.