Bar graph problem on main screen

Using 9.89c on a W2K Advanced server with a WM918 station - due to a power failure had to restart WD thismorning at 5am.

When I finally woke up :slight_smile: at 8am noticed that the Bar is being reported correctly under current conditions (currently 1020 hPa) but the graph is showing 967 hPa - the graphed line has descended, like real pressure, down to this point over the 24 hour spread of the graph. Bar reading (uncorrected) on the 918 is 1010 - corrected reading currently showing 1021 (so WD is actually 1 hPa out anyway.)

Even the graphs being thrown up on the web site seem to be all over the place one graph shows current pressure at 1027 hPa (Graph of Weather Data)Daily High and Low Extremes record the 9am low as 892 hPa!

Not aware of any other values being misreported, but pressure certainly seems to be (sorry about this) 'up in the air :slight_smile:

fixed this barometer graphing bug in 9.89e
and the large barometer change double scale bug that has been there along time,.,