Back up data

Is there a way that when ALL the logged data files that are saved on to hardisk can be copied to floppy. I would hate it if you have months of log data information to loose it on a hard disk failure. Maybe suggest a prompt remark to ask the end user to do a back up on a variable personal configuration - e.g. daily, weekly or two weekly.

Talking about configuration, WD can be customised in so many ways for its individual requirement. Could present configuration settings be backed up to, so therefore, if the time occurs to reinstall the basic configuration, you can reinstall the last personal setups instead of doing it long hand and also trying to remember what configuration it was set for.

What if I copied the whole wdisplay folder, would this do it, but would that be classed with you as piracy, hence why I said data files only.

all the configuration is in 2 ini files
wdisplay.ini, in c:\windows or c:\winnt
in the registry

dont forget the logfiles folder when backing up…