B264 upgrade fails (SOLVED)

Upgraded from 263 to 264. Program loads, reads from the logger, but does not load any data into the local window. Reverted to b263 (no other changes made to /wdisplay - just reverted to the old .exe) and all comes up and works just fine.

Thoughts appreciated.

I do not have that problem here
so likely to be something about your setup
any errors under view , program event log?


Perhaps you got a bad download and should try again? I just updated from the .zip and everything is working fine.

  • Jim

Brian and Jim,

Already did that, Jim. As it happens the copy I got has a more recent date and time than the one that failed. This one (14 May 0800) is working fine. So - who knows? Bad previous download or something sneaky in the other version…

Thanks, Gents. :smiley: