Avg/Extremes Dropdown

I currently have “manage my own datahtm2.txt” ticked on. If I manually add the html code for the averages/extremes dropdown list, will it automaticaly update and add the new month to the list each month (even though have manage turned on) :?:

no, but you can simply add the code yourself…
its a good idea, the drop down list, yes?
more tidy
i will do one for the main images too, yes?

I agree…it’s a super idea! I think I’ll go ahead and add the months for the whole year. If someone does click on a future month, they’ll just get a “not found”. As for a drop down for images, that would really be neat! Especially if the sunmoon.jpg was included on it.
Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

For anyone interested here is the html code for the Averages/Extreme Dropdown list. I had to do some file moving/updating to get it as I manage my own datahtm2.txt. I also added the rest of the months for this year.

Select averages/extreme month December 2002 January 2003 February 2003 March 2003 April 2003 May 2003 June 2003 July 2003 August 2003 September 2003 October 2003 November 2003 December 2003

i actualy got the html code from cyclones web page :slight_smile:

SHOOT!..Oh well…that is what I get, for not asking you the easiest way to get the code :!: :lol: