Averages/Extremes files incorrect - how to correct?

Ok…so I started messing with resetting my yearly rain totals and had a good look at the monthly average/extreme reports and the rain charts and started noticing some real inconsistencies.

Right now it appears that the rain charts are reading correctly, but the averages/extremes are all wonky.

I tried to recreat the averages/extremes page and it changed the result, but it still is not correct.

If I load the data to file, using the check data option, it shows the correct daily rain amounts and tabulates it correctly…but it still doesn’t update to the averages/extremes page.

Any ideas/suggestions on how to get it corrected? Do I just manually add it up and force the new monthly rain total in?

Also, is there a way to force WD to reupload the monthly averages/extremes to my website? Or should I just manually FTP up the files?

make sure you have converted the corrected logfile to data file, under action, convert wd logfiles to data files, first

I still can’t get the averages/extremes page corrected.

Under the Action Menu I see the option, “Convert Log File(s) to Graphs (Reset Graphs)” and then in that window there are options to select a file and convert it, or “Convert last 31 days data into Current File” with a month to select box.

Which of these options do I use?

Do I do this first, then use the “Correct/Check Data” in the Averages/Extremes reports?

There are many options here and I just don’t really understand how to use them correctly.

I hate to ask Brian to spell this out for me step-by-step…is there anyone here who can give me an idiot proof procedure to get myAverages/Extremes corrected and recreated?

once you have the logfile corrected, then convert that logfile to a data file via action, convert wd logfiles to data files (and dont worry about the last 31 days conversion)

you can check the alignment of the logfile under view, averages/extremes, check/correct the data…and load the logfile then click on check alignment (or words to that affect) and then check that the time/date looks ok all the way to the end

there is a FAQ on correcting rainfall for a day which goes through the process step by step

Hrmm…I’m still really struggling here.

I followed this FAQ to the letter…


After I enter new rainfall data for a day, i click “use the correct amount” and then “Save changes”.

Once I do that, if I then click “Load the graph data file to correct that” again, my changes are not there.

What am I doing wrong?

zip and email me the data file you are working on and what needs to be changed and I will try here

Thanks, Brian. It’s been sent out just now.

I was able to make corrections OK
I have sent you a email to explain what I did

Brian, can I ask you to send me the same explanation?

/View/All Time Records/All Time shows:

Record high temperature: 64degC at 16:00 Nov 07 2007
Record high wind gust: 133.2 kmh at 13:00 Jul 31 2007

among other errors. I have removed these lines of bad data from the 112007lg and 72007lg files. Then:

/Action/ Convert Log File(s) to Graphs (Reset Graphs)
Highlighted 112007lg and 72007lg

No change to the All time records. Similar inaccuracies to ‘This month’ and ‘Year to date’ readings. I have records going back to 01 December 2006 and WD is not scanning these and reporting the correct data.



to reset the all time records
go go action, reset selected all time records
or you can enter the needed values via action, enter my own all time records

Thanks for the quick reply.

I neglected to mention I had tried resetting all time records. When I do that (by clicking the ‘all’ button at the bottom of each column) it resets all record extremes to the current conditions…monthly, yearly, and all time. They all show the current time and date. (Except it gives -28.2C for the record yearly and all time wind chill. Which of course it isn’t!)

I tried going back and ‘converting log files to graphs’ again, but I end up with the same spurious values (64degC on November 7th, at 16:00 and as many times as I keep checking that logfile, that value is just not there anymore).

Curiouser and curiouser.



did you try using action, set my own all time record values?
for the problem with the all time record being pulled from the lofile when you do the conversion, .zip and email me that logfile and I will check

Sending them by regular e-mail because of the size constraint on the website.