Autoscale graph - Barometric Pressure and Wind Gust depictions

If you haven’t bumped into me before, I’m evaluating the WD program.

I have a question regarding the autoscale graph (I’m using v.10.33L). If I set the graph to show 48 hour data it seems to be fine. Should I change it to show a 24 hour period then something seems to go amiss. In the latter mode the wind gusts appear to be rendered as ‘yesterday’ (i.e. twenty-four hours ago) instead of ‘now’.

If you are not too sure what I mean then by all means duck across to my site ( and view the graph - it’s down the bottom. I’ll leave it on the twenty-four hour mode for a day or so.

Please don’t laugh at the site - I’m only checking out the program. Should I decide to purchase then I might, just might, become a little more adventurous. The site though is intended as pretty basic information for locals rather than just pretty.

Anywhatsit - does anyone have an idea as to what I’ve done wrong?

Sorry to drag (or bump) this request back up the order but I’ve only a week or so to go with the trial (thanks for the opportunity, Brian).

I have had a look at some of the contributors’ web sites in the interim: Wow!

At the moment, though, I’m looking for accuracy in the rendering of information. While this is just a personal adventure it is also intended to be a secondary reference for one of our local bush fire brigades, so I’d like to get it right before I offer them some sort of product.

Any and all help will be appreciated.

(I have upgraded to 10.33q since my original post)

i have been away for a week (in australia), just back the other day, and still catching up on things
now, yes, I do see what you mean
if you could zip and email me your datafile, month32006.inf, from the folder datafiles, and your settings file, wdisplay.ini from (now c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\wdisplay)
then I will see if i can duplicate and fix for you :slight_smile:

also, when you to view, auto scale graphs, does it look like there as well?

Thanks, windy, 'tis done.

(I’m only posting this so that other readers don’t think I’m being rude and ignoring your advice)

OK…(but now having more problems with my email …argghhh)

if you could also email to [email protected], then I will get it faster and easier

Don’t you ever sleep or eat?

The original has been forwarded to the new address.

sleep, whats that?

i got it reproduced and fixed,
twas a bug with having the gust speed as plot y on the customise auto scale graph)
a fix is on its way, as 10.33r zip
(i can now at the moment get that uploaded, all going well)
should be ready in the next hour or so, i wil let you know

Don’t let him sleep when he’s on a roll with updates [-o<

still very slow and spotty getting uploads up the main WD ftp server (anyone finding its slow to download from, or is it just me?)
so instead the fix for this particular bug is available here:

(unzip to where you have WD installed)

also the updated debug version is here now:

Thanks, windy, new version downloaded and installed. Both the ‘view’ and ‘upload’ for the autoscale graphs seem to be fine now.

Considering I haven’t even bought the programme as yet (though I’m duty bound to now) I’m astounded at your dedication to the product.