Auto Starting NSLog with Windows

I have my machine set up so on reboot or startup, WD loads, then StormLab radar, then Nexstorm. If I call NSLog either from the task scheduler or from a registry key, it loads without any configuration info. All servers and ID’s, etc are blank. If I click on the desktop shortcut, or on the executable in the NSLog folder, it loads with all config information.

Is there a trick to getting it to start automatically??

Registry key looks like this C:\Program Files (x86)\Astrogenic\NSLog\NSLog\nslog.exe

I am stumped on this…



I use the Startwatch software on my Windows 10 PC and don’t have any issues with NSLog starting.
In my own setup, I have moved NSLog.exe and nsFTP.exe to C:\Program Files (x86)\Astrogenic\NSLog\ , which is where the NSLog.cfg file is located. Is your config file also in the main NSLog folder or in the sub-folder with the exe files?

I do have a youtube video on using windows task scheduler to start a program with full admin rights

Guys - thank you. I went back and reread the NSLog install instructions by Jim McMurry, and missed one important line.

 If starting NSLog with a shortcut or similar, be sure to specify the \nslog folder as the "start in location" or "working directory" so that its files are created in the right place. 

Went back into Task Scheduler and on the action - program start screen, added as in the attachment and it works as expected.