Auto show "Wind chill" or "Heat Index" i

My summary image shows the wind chill. It’s now big time hot summer weather here. It would be real neat if the “Wind Chill” information in the summary image automatically changed to show the “Heat Index” instead when it makes sense. Wouldn’t that be cool?! Or is this possible already?

Whoa I just realized that the data displayed for Wind Chill in the summary image IS the heat index! Super neato! Is there a way to also automatically change the label “Wind Chill” to “Heat Index” to match the data being shown?

yup, i need to auto change the label
doing that now…
( i changed the way this works)

Wow it’s great! You’re something. Thanks for the amazing fast update!



Is the caption in the default web page table supposed to autoswitch too? I went 9.81d but it’s still 'windchill", although the value is heat index.


i need to make that auto too…

That would be great, thanks!

The more I see the level of support and development you provide for WD, the less I can understand someone whining about having to enter the rainfall in mm :roll:

i have fixed that now, and i have gone back to the old web cam capture (took me hours to get resurected…if it aint broke, dont try to fix it, right?)
but i will add ability to enter rain in inches (i will provide a tick for that option) in the offsets setup…
just have to help a freinds of mum’s shift some furniture (and I took the girls to a play land today)…

Good timing, just managed to install “e” and then had to hit the road to go home! Back to work next week :frowning: so one less user bugging you daily :slight_smile:

I did notice there is a spurious left parenthesis showing up in front of “Heat Index”, no big deal cosmetically but sometimes misplaced punctuation can really screw up a program…