Astronomy Page (wx7.html) and Forecasts Help

I downloaded the Carter Lake-ajax templates and configured WD as instructed. Although WD is showing the correct Sun and Moon time and phases my Astronomy Page is not. And no matter what I do I cannot get the forecasts text to appear on my home page. Can someone please help me out. I have been searching the FAQs and this website for days trying to find an answer. Thank You.

Mike Landando

Hi Mike,

It seems there’s just a bit more setup to do in WD to get what you’d like displayed.

For the Astronomy page, it looks like your Sunrise/Sunset times are off

Sunrise: 1:02am
Sunset: 1:10pm

for that, you need to set your latitude and longitude in the Control Panel, Solar/Lunar & Coordinates dialog, and make sure the time on your computer is set with the correct date/time/timezone.

For the NOAA forecast missing issue, make sure your settings in Control Panel, FTP &Connections/METAR/NOAA FTP dialog, NOAA Forecast Download TAB are set to use
host name:

Directory: /data/forecasts/zone/il/
and you have specified your file to download like ‘ilzNNN.txt’ (in lowercase, and replace NNN with your NOAA zone number),
then make sure Downloads are ON, and download hourly is selected.
Press Test to try it out, and OK to save the settings.

Hope this helps…
Best regards,


Weather Display Sun Moon times display correctly on my computer, but they are not updating to webpage. I checked and rechecked my lat/lon, time/date and it is correct. Do I have to do something with wx7.html to get to read a certain updated file. Also everything is turned on and set up for upload regarding my forecast. My zone forecast (ilz014.txt) appears in my wdisplay\webfiles folder is being downloaded from NOAA. The path for my 5 day forecast is correct c:\wdisplay\webfiles\ilz014.txt and selected. Am I still missing something. My METAR page is set to KORD.TXT. Thanks…

Did you check you wx.html files under your webfiles directory to see if they’re being created? If they are being created then it sounds like an FTP issue.

I’ve checked, rechecked, and checked again regarding the forecast setup and it does not work for me. The moon and sun times finally updated and are uploading, but the forecast nonsense still remains unexplained and does not appear for me. I guess I will either spend another couple hours figuring it out or switch back to VWS. Thanks for the help. #-o

Forecast looks to be updating on wx2, with IE7, this morning.

Yes the forecast looks good for today…well if you consider 90s and humid good. :wink: Hotter yet tomorrow. Welcome to the forum Mike! Always nice to see new folks in NE Illinois. :slight_smile: