Are all Icons interchangable?

After having downloaded a few icons and prepared a couple of my own - it seems that not all icons can be replaced automatically. For example;
There doesn’t seem to be any way to replace the moderate drizzle or moderate rain icons permanantly through using the “input daily weather” menu, they can of course be selected and de-selected manually. Most of the icons I have no problem replacing with my own permanantly (heavy rain, light rain etc) - but it seems there is no option to replace a few of them permanently? It would be nice to be able to match ALL the rain threshhold types with my own custom made icons. perhaps there is a way other than manual selection that I’ve overlooked?

After replacing did you try selecting the option to “Do first update of images to web page”?

Yes I did upload, but this isn’t really relevant to my question (forgive me if I’m wrong). I’m reffering to the icon that appears on summary.jpg - a file that’s created before the ftp upload, so whether or not icon files have been uploaded to a web-platform doesn’t matter.
I shall use another example to further explain what I’m reffering to. If my site is currently experiencing moderate drizzle. The default moderate drizzle icon is shown in the summary - there is no means through using the “input daily weather” menu of replacing the default moderate drizzle icon with your own for the purposes of the summary.jpeg. However you can use this means to replace other icons used in the summary.jpeg file. (heavy rain, sunny etc.) Perhaps there is another way of altering the icons selected for the summary.jpg? If so, please explain.

ahh, the moderate drizle icon I dont think i have in the input daily weather
(where you can set it)
and moderate rain too???

I will check up on those 2 icons…for the summary image…

Cheers, as well as those two - the icons for heavy showers, moderate thunderstorm and partly cloudy as shown in the summary are also unchangable.
All the others are changeable.
Hope my original message won’t cause too many late night headaches and thanx again.