Any thoughts on making Weather Display able to transmit data to
another Serial port for send Weather data via the radio on APRS?
Great Program !
N7XRD Steve :slight_smile:

yes, i am going to add that feature very soon (it will send teh wxnow.txt file as ascii, is that OK?), and or a custom script file as ascii (text)

just getting in some fishing while the father in law is here, LOL

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From what I know the APRS via the radio would send the same info
as the APRS info That Weather Display now sends with the exception
of being able to add the following info depending on path and call sign…
example (n7xrd-5>APRS,WIDE3-3) this info would be sent along with the String of info now sent but must be first.and the program would need to
know what port to send the data to ex. comm 2 Oh Well just a thought
I run my rig thru a TNC and it just sends a beacon every 30 minutes
and upload the weather data now via the internet. But when my station is viewed in an APRS program the weather data is not availible at present!
Russ Chadwick has been a great source of info for me also.
Thanks again n7xrd Steve :idea:

This would be a great feature… I was using UI-VIEW 32 to feed the TNC and WD to feed the internet

making WD work with the TNC would mean one less program to run.

Good idea!


my thoughts exactly and sounds like most all data is already there!

While it would save running an extra program, UIview does have the advantage of the other functionality including NWS messages, etc. Plus the ability to look at surrounding station data on the air. Unless you need the computer horsepower to run other applications, I would suggest running both.


—Ken W2KB

you can view other aprs wx data in WD, see under the aprs data setup, and enter in the call sign to scan for :slight_smile:


Viewing the other data in Weather-View would be via the Internet, correct? In UIView it would read all stations transmitting on the air without the need to connect to the Internet. That’s what I had in mind for running both programs. For those who have no interest in any APRS function beyond transmitting weather data, it would be a nice feature for Weather-View.


yes, via the internet it gets the TCP feed…how does UIview get the data?
also, its called weather display (there is software out there called weather-view), but I guess you meant that :slight_smile:


Yes, I meant Weather-Display. oops I have been running it for several months and am very pleased with Weather-Display. UIView will obtain its weather and other data from other stations from the radio frequency used in the region if a radio and TNC (terminal node controller, essentially a specialized modem or sound card software modem emulation) is used, or it can use an Internet connection if one is present, or both, or act as a gateway to add radio frequency data to the Internet stream. In North America the frequency used is 144.390 MHz for local (up to 100 miles or so with relays). I just started using UIView yesterday, having used WinAPRS for several years before that. WinAPRS software which is a ‘competitior’ of UIView still has not had the code corrected by the authors to read the APRS weather data files; selecting the option results in an error message since a pointer or something in the WinAPRS code is incorrect. Weather-Display’s APRS file is handled perfectly by UIView. My amateur radio station data can be viewed, to the extent my radio transmitted packets get to an Internet gateway, at http//map.findu.com/w2kb*



in about 25 minutes from now
and see under setup, produce aprs wxnow out put file, to set this up and test
it uses the settings under the aprs internet setup (calll sign, lat/long), and is that same data outputed

i am off fishing with the father in law…

check out this hurricance in the south pacific:
900 hpa, winds gusting to 210 kts (estimated) !!

actualy, download a new 9.39e from the normal locaiton now…

Hello Brian,
I just downloaded the new version and tried the APRS com setup I could select the com port but not the baud and when I tested it said it was working but didn’t key the radio up to send any data am I doing something wrong? Hope you get lots of fish!

N7XRD Steve

i need to separate the baud rate selections
the default is 9600
it should send the same data as that sent via the internet feed…

i will do some testing later

too rough and windy and cold
should be much better in a few days time

Boy sounds like everyone had wind today!! AHHH 9600 is fine I am still trying to figure this out my TNC has a file it stores which is called btext
(beacon text) this file now has my long/lat and a message that say I am a weather station…this would be the file that would send the weather data if availible to I believe.The TNC also takes care of keying the transmitter
and the beacon times which they say should be 10 minutes for weather data! Guess I am back to the books to figure this mess out. There has to be a way.
N7XRD Steve

Another way to see broadcast of APRS data using Internet is to use Dick Stanich’s java viewer: http://www.digitaldune.net/~ahubwest/javAPRS/wx.html

Data is plotted as it is broadcast in APRS.

Brian I was wondering how the data is supposed to go out the com prot I test and it says OK but it doesn’t turn the TNC on to transmit? I currently have it set to use CTS/RTS Not sure what to do now!

i will add a test button tomorrow, to force it to send…
what should the other com port paramters be?
8 N 1 is the default

WOW wuick response Brian Thanks 8 N 1 is what I have also so that should be good! The baud works now too!
Thanks again!