APRS features

The addition of the APRS ability to send to another comport to a TNC is a great idea. I see this option would need to be customizable by the end user. Com port to send it to, Speed & duplex, how often to send the weather messages out, Call sign under which the messages would be sent out on.
I am really looking forward to the addition of this feature to a very good program. I have liked everything I have seen so far, Like everything there is a small learning curve.
As an Emergency coordinator in my area under the ARRL This is an excellent tool for us to use and share with the EOC. I have expanded to the point that other amateur operators now get pages on there personal pagers from my weather system. I hope to add weather connectivity to my APRS digi’s and packet station as soon as this feature is released.

Mike K4MQF

i have added this and 1 person reports it works