April2003.htm stopped daily update

I think I’ll blame myself more than WD, but the April2003.htm last updated 19/4/03 after I mucked about with WD settings. Where in WD can I ensure that it has been set-up and to ensure it starts again.

Can I force it to update earlier than having to wait for the day rollover?

When it starts, will it update the daily logs in between 19/4 and today (22/4) or are they gone forever?

Please help, am I am sure it is something silly that I’ve done, but I can’t retrace my steps.

check under web upload times in the ftp setup…that is where it is enabled
you can force it:
action, update averages/extreme now

if it does not work, check under view, program error log
if a error, then you have some data wd does not like

you can rebuild it, via view, averages/extreme, recreate averages/extreme for web page (scroll down to see)

Thanks Brian for your assistance. I managed to force the update as you suggested, and wonder if this will now update each day again on the new day rollover.

I did check the program error log, and this had many numbers in it plus some lines stating that it could not create certain .gif files!

I went to rebuild, via view, show averages/extremes for month, but could not find the "recreate averages/extreme for web page. I did scroll down as you said, and I still could not find it.

Am I in the right section/part?