Application Error

I keep getting the following application errors (about twice a day) :?: :
Application exception occurred:
App: F:\wdisplay\WeatherD.exe (pid=184)
When: 5/26/2003 @ 06:03:02.878
Exception number: c00000fd (stack overflow)
----> Stack Back Trace <----
*** ERROR: Symbol file could not be found. Defaulted to export symbols for C:\WINDOWS\system32\user32.dll -
*** WARNING: Unable to verify checksum for F:\wdisplay\WeatherD.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for F:\wdisplay\WeatherD.exe
WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
*** ERROR: Symbol file could not be found. Defaulted to export symbols for C:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll -
ChildEBP RetAddr Args to Child
0012fef8 77d8aa0e 00456cfc 0012ff58 00456d17 *SharedUserSystemCall+0xc (FPO: [0,0,0])
0012ff2c 004564a4 000101c4 00000113 00000001 user32!WaitMessage+0xc
0012ff68 009e9464 0012ffb4 009e947f 0012ffc0 WeatherD+0x564a4
0012ffc0 77e814c7 70a71a29 80000002 7ffdf000 WeatherD+0x5e9464
0012fff0 00000000 03359001 00000000 78746341 kernel32!GetCurrentDirectoryW+0x44

This has occurred thru several versions of WD only starting to occur more frequently now. Any suggestions?

Running WD9.78d on Windows XP Home, WMR-968 station

it might be when wd calculates your longer term averages
do you data from a year ago?
if so, zip and email me that
I will make it optional wether wd calculates the dialy av, max/min values to plot on the right hand side of the graph (seen best if large size used on a large res screeen)


I do not have data from a year ago. My data starts in September 2002. So, is it getting a divide by zero error then?

no, a divide by zero wont give a stack overflow…
so the error happens at 6am each time, or is it another timer, or random times?
a stack overflow is over run of memory used for variable storage…


Happens at random times, no pattern really. I can send you the whole error report by Dr. Watson if you need it.


oh, it does not sound good…
how much memory do you have on your pc?
(although i dont think that is necassarily related)

what weather station type, and what do you have wd doing?

Does not sound good? How. That does not sound good.

System specs
Win XP Home
Intel 2.4
512 mem
ASUS motherboard with SiS chipset
WMR-968 Station
WD is running normal setup with uploading personal webpage

what i mean is random crashes are not good:
a:) its hard to know then what causes it (unless its always the same thing causing it, like a certain internet update or something)
b:) i hope this is not a commen thing (so far this is the only report)

some things to check up on:
the size of the graphdata.inf, graphdata2.inf, graphdata3.inf etc files in the folder datafiles
also, do you use any custom web page/files?
(i,.e the more info you can give me the better)


Thanks. Graphdata.inf is 43 kb
Graphdata2.inf is 22kb
graphdata3.inf is 0 kb
graphdata22 is 0 kb
latest is 32kb
lightning is 2
fwi is 1kb

I do not have custom webpage settings, everything is default. Let me know if you need any files emailed to you.

they look ok
try this:

install to a new directory
then create a file there (i.e a text file) , called 2wd.txt
make sure you do not have ticked hide know file extensions in the windows tools, folder options, so that it does not actauly end up being called 2wd.txt.txt

then run wd in that new location
it will start up brand new

re set up the web page…
and see how it goes…
then bring across the datafiles and logfiles and webfiles folders/files from the old location (or even try that first)

and if you set to start when windows starts, reselect that

Will do and I will post results in a few days to see if crashing is fixed or not.

Thanks for your help!!!


Just for your info, it does not appear that this is a WD problem. I got a crash today with same issues only this time caused by Internet Explorer. So, I thinking it is memory or video drivers issues.

Thanks anyway.

maybe time to vacuum clean the motherboard?
and check the cpu fan is till turning ok too…
I am serious :slight_smile:

Yea I “cleaned it out” yesterday, reseated the video board and memory. Uninstalled and installed new video drivers. So, far 18 hours with no crashes.